Optometry Meeting Locations

In every State in the United States OD’s need to get continuing education.  It is a requirement for licensing and it is a very good idea for the profession that all optometrists keep up to date.  In Illinois I am sure that we needed to get 32 hours of continuing optometric education every 2 years and this recently included getting re-certified for cardio pulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR.  We were only allowed up to six hours of classes that could be used for marketing.  In addition we need to get what was called “transcript quality” continuing education.  This usually consisted of taking a written test on information given during a lecture.  These transcript quality courses usually had to do with health related education such as disease treatment and diagnosis and basically was the important stuff that up to date Doctors of Optometry should need to know.  For this reason every state that I know of has a State sponsored meeting.  These are usually sponsored by the state optometric association which is a subset of the American Optometric Association.


Here is a list of some of the state meetings and also the location of other meeting places inside those states.